Experience an emotional meeting at the family winery and enjoy the delights and taste pleasures of tasting varied home-made wines.

There are moments and situations, when life starts to lack colours. And then there is nothing else to do as think how to make it more attractive and colourful. So it happened also with us and in the autumn of 2012, concurrently with everyday work and activities, we established our family enterprise “Stop of thoughts” Ltd. Now we can say that since that moment started also the story about us –the family in Madona which in many generations develops traditions of homemade winemaking. This is the story about Latvians who can be proud of being able to make good wine from all the fruit and berry abundance provided by forests and orchards. And understand that not always it’s necessary to have plenty in order to have enough. This is the story about the conclusion we have come to, that no book is more valuable than 60 years of practical experience in homemade winemaking. Our Daddy- Karlis Dumbrajs (1918-2019) could be proud of such experience. Maybe the skill of making good wine and the right way to taste was one of the secret keys for his long life. And maybe it’s good to understand that this experience has to be forwarded to the following generations in the right time.
Today our goblet of life is filled with as many colours as there are in our berries and wine – from mild light to dark red. And, added to it, the gulp of gratification provided by every single meeting with all of you!